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JMBC Scholastic Award Vested in Education


Gain knowledge and know what God’s will and purpose for your life. Participate in giving toward our JMBC SAVE Scholastic College Fund.

The JMBC Scholastic Award Vested in Education (S A V E) Fund is designed to foster Christian youth of JMBC to pursue their educational goals by attending a post-secondary institution, e.g. two/four-year college, university, or career/technical school. These awards will be presented each year to all eligible applicants that submit required documentation by the application deadline. The award amount is $500.00.  

We believe through God’s Word and the help of the Holy Spirit, biblical education is instruction in a lifestyle. For this reason, the apostle Paul reminded his pupil Timothy, "you know all about my teaching, my way of life continue in what you learned" ( 2 Timothy 3:10 2 Timothy 3:14 ).

Not only is biblical education a lifestyle; it is a lifetime being educated and SAVED in Christ!

"Investing in Tomorrow Today..."


SAVE  Fund - Committee:              JMBCSAVE@gmail.com

Deaconess Demetria Holloway

Deaconess Camille Vasser
Sister Jackie Beckum
Sister Bridgette Owens
Sister Kiara McCrary

Trustees Chairman Cedric Gibson  

Deacons Chairman Sam Godwin

Deacon Bernard Lattimore 

Deacon James Hendricks

JMBC - Save Committee


 AFree Essay Writing Workshop
College Bound Students Ages 13-18
Facilitated by: Director – Ms. Sheryl L. Smith
      Dates Coming Soon...

Jackson Memorial Baptist Church (Willie Thomas Atrium)

534 Fairburn Road, NW
Atlanta, GA 30331
What are some of the key reasons why students are struggling to win scholarship funds?
Answer: The writing and organizational skills are not where they need to be.
JMBC Essay Writing Wkshp Flyer 08-18-2018

SAVE APP Criteria