JMBC Ministerial Ministry

Mission Statement

The ministerial body of Jackson Memorial Baptist Church is to assist the Pastor in carrying out the ministry of the church and caring for the membership.


To assist the Pastor in the teaching, preaching, and visitation of the membership while effectively sharing our ministry within the church and the community.


President: Reverend Cheryl Harvey
Phone: 770-841-7995



Jackson Memorial Baptist Church

The purpose of the JMBC Ministerial Association is to present the opportunity for ministers and laypersons to receive theological togetherness supporting and ministering to various ministries and auxiliaries  within the "Body of Christ." It is for those who believe in God's divine appointments for the fulfillment of His will and commission for their personal ministry. Each believer, born of the Holy Spirit, is an integral part of the ministry of God to mankind, in fulfilling the Great Commission.

The Ministerial Association exists primarily to give continuing support to our pastor and to place emphasis on the importance of Christian ministries being recognized and defined in the New Testament. The association recognizes that divinely "called" and scripturally-ordained ministries have been provided by our Lord Jesus Christ for the purpose of evangelization, worship, and the perfecting of the "Body of Christ."

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