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Men Usher Ministry

Serve on 1st Sundays Clinton Brooks, President Phone: (770) 378-4046 

The mission of the Men’s Usher Ministry is to convey the first phase of “Ushering” in the Holy Spirit by cheerfully greeting those assembling for Worship Service; extending a warm welcome on behalf of the Pastor and Jackson Memorial Baptist Church Family. While standing our posts throughout the sanctuary; we will assist with keeping order, finding available seating and responding appropriately to the needs of the congregation. We will strive to always remember our Purpose (Serving God), our Presence (men of good character) and Patience (quick to act but slow to anger).

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Serve on 4th Sundays Phyllis Pearson, President Phone: (770) 972-7639 Marian Williams, Vice-President Phone: (404) 207-2147

 The mission of the M.P. Saxon Usher Ministry is to oversee the church congregation  and visitors as to seating directions, order and decorum, greeting people warmly, observing when to admit

worshipers to the service, and be attentive to the needs of the congregation.

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Serve on 2nd Sundays Jody Pritchett, President Phone: (770) 653-5176 Pat Bostic, Vice-President Phone: (404) 402-4728 Scheduled Meetings: 2nd Tuesday each Month, 6:00 p.m. - Room 248
Grace Stewart Usher Ministry is to assist and serve Worshipers in a professional and Christian manner as they enter into the Sanctuary, to serve as Door Greeters, Aisle Ushers and Pastoral Ushers. To further our mission, we will assist the Pastor and Church Leaders as needed. It is through Christ who Strengthens us that we SERVE.
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Serve on 3rd & 5th Sundays           CONTACT:  Tina Goff, President   Phone: (404) 435-9224               Email: 

To realize, we are Christ Stewards and that through the service – God will Bless us richly. God has entrusted the keeping of the holy temple to the ushers that we may be watchful eyes over the entire service in a way as to give help to the minister by greeting the peope that they will be in such a frame of mind, they will receive and accept the Gospel. We are a bible based, spirit led and anointed ministry. Appointed to proclaim the word of the Lord, deliver the gospel of freedom to those held captive, spread the spirit of healing to those hurting. and receive and nurture all who come to Christ. We do this in order for there to be Christ-Like Individuals, a Christ-Like Church, A Christ-Like community and a Christ-Like World.

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